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    I am trying to host a game for me and my buds, and I have thus far been unsuccessful. I can see my server (I have attempted both listen and dedicated) in the server browser, but one of several situations happens:Anyone who tries to connect gets the black screen of waiting.I can connect once to a dedicated from my own box, but no-one else can, and if I disconnect and try to reconnect, I cannot and get an “N/A” under ping in the server browser.A buddy can connect and play but I cannot.I have DSL and use a Netgear RP114 websafe router. I have port forwarded ports 7777 to 7783 to the local DHCP provided IP of my box. I am unsure what IP should go into the “default DMZ” field if any. When monitoring the dedicated server console, I see that when I (can) connect, the port shown is something like 14588 or in that range. why is this? It is all quite frustrating, as my friends and I really want to play together as a team. Thanks for any help the hive mind can provide!


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