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  • Steve Matt
    Steve Matt on #913

    I have been using managed staffing services for some projects in my company recently. It has been a good experience and it has worked well till now. But I am not sure how sustainable it would be. The conventional model when I hire staff myself on my company’s payrolls is a stable model with more control over my staff but yes it turns out to be more expensive too. On the other hand managed staffing or staff augmentation model is more like an on-demand model and cheaper too. But I cannot foresee the pros or cons of the model and hence I’m a bit reluctant to use it on full scale.

    But the managed staffing model has been very helpful in executing some specialized projects which require skill sets that my existing team did not posses. Especially for a new project with a new technology, its difficult to recruit new staff so quickly especially when u do not know the feasibility of the project. In such a scenario, managed staffing comes in real handy and it really lightens the burden also.

    Like in the case of cloud based service shift-over project we were in need of a technical resource who specialized in something which we did not know at all. A new resource was hard to find and expensive. So we tried this new model and it turned out to be a good experience.

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    itstaffing on #914

    Hi Steve

    It was good to read about your pleasant experience with “Managed Staffing” or “Staff Augmentation”. I already have an article published here on this website on this topic, it might be of some help to you.  Here is the link

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