Corrupted IT practices by Strategic Staffing Solutions

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  • Ryan Caleb
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    This in regards to corrupted business practice from Monsanto in its Maryland Heights office St Louis MO. I am a senior software developer . They hired some fraud resource from IT solutions providing company Strategic Staffing solutions. The fraud resource works as middleware engineer as Senior Datapower and cast iron developer. She is a young asian girl . Name not disclosed. Fresh college graduate.

    I know secrets about her because we come through same staffing firm. She manipulated her resume with 8 years fraud experience in the field. She has published the resume to strategic staffing solutions through her consulting company. S3 scheduled an interview with monsanto. Round of proxy interview. She got hired. Working as a contractor for more than year. We as a timr file multiple petition to bring the case to do proper back ground check against her but Business conduct office of monsanto relied on fraud reports from strategic staffing solutions.

    They did no verify ger age to prove that being college graduate at 23 having 8 years experience on advance technology. That how corrupted company is monsanto. They fill contractors falsely represented by staffing and consulting companies. There are corrupt asian people in datapower team to support her. Thats how she survived. Please take appropriate action and removd these fake software middleware resources and save money than to invest on fake contractors.

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