Apple new hour long speak… computing?

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    So I’ve watched most of this and still trying to understand cloud comuting. So for instance I ableton live 10 in the cloud. Can I then use this to my other devices. Also for instance if I put pics, of tracks that I intend to sell can these be ascess by others.I understand the general idea. I’m just trying to understand more about how this works. To me it seems like a great idea. I’d love to have reason somewhere in the “cloud” and then be able to acceess it from where ever I wanted.Maybe I’m missing something some if someone could explain further how this is going to take shape.I’m not blow away by the new stuff but I do like all the gestures that could do great if music app developers.It it like I feel if I buy live I should be able to put it on all my comuter anyways and this seems the way that it is going.

    Please help.

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