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Global IT Consulting Services provide you with top talent to fulfill all your recruiting needs

Cloud computing is gaining ubiquity in every industry. The technology is immensely beneficial – there’s no doubting that, but the skills required for managing and conducting cloud related tasks are different from the traditional IT roles.

Your staffing demands increase and you have to bring more people on board to completely realize the advantage.

Global IT Services are the recognized industry leaders in the consulting and staffing fields. We are known for building professional, everlasting relationships with both job candidates and clients. Partner with us and hand over your recruiting burden, allowing you to focus on your core business.

Talent Matters

For business growth and success

Global IT Consulting Services is aware of the consequences which a business has to face when a critical role remains open. We’ll use our extensive hiring and placement experience and bring professionals who’ll efficiently perform all cloud related tasks and processes.

When it comes to recruiting cloud experts, reach out to us and we’ll do the hard work for you!

Staffing Services

To increase your productivity and add business value

Our expert recruiting team can help you build an unmatched network of professionals who possess all the hard-to-find skills required for running cloud applications and operating cloud tools. For whatever position that you are hiring, we can connect you to the best talent that you will ever come across.

Whether you’re a startup or a well established organization – we can ALWAYS meet all your staffing needs within your preferred budget!

Positions that We Can Help You Fill up

  • Cloud/Solution Architects
  • Cloud Engineers i.e.
    AWS/Azure/Google Experts
  • Cloud Software/Big Data Engineers
  • DevOps Engineers
  • Cloud Product Managers
  • Mobile Developers
  • Java Developers
  • .Net Application Architects
  • And many more!

Helping You Find the Ideal Candidate

Who is competent and skilled

We strategically reach out to qualified active and passive candidates using state-of-the-art tools and technology. We market job openings on multiple channels and then shortlist all suitable applicants. We screen candidates through the most sophisticated assessment tools, conduct technical interviews and share details on those who clear all the tests and criteria. This means you meet only the best picks, saving a considerable amount of time and efforts.

The Process

Streamlined to save you time and efforts

Understand and analyze the staffing request
We comprehend your needs and specific requirements for each of the positions; we also get details on the budget which you set for every opening, and then we categorize your requirements into three types: permanent, contractual or part time.

Initiating the process
Our resume database is usually the first place that we look for when searching for qualified candidates, but we advertise the opening as well if there is a need. We pick out resumes that match your requirements, and then get in touch with the candidate. For the ones that we like, we perform a quick background check and educational verification.

Short listing the candidates
We present the shortlisted candidates to you and schedule interviews after considering your availability first and foremost.

Selecting the applicants
Once we have the interview results and your feedback, we reach out to selected candidates again and pitch them your suggested offer.

Why Us?

Because we value you

Because we deliver results
We get you the best candidates for your job openings who have the technical and leadership skills using which the can take your business forwards.

Because we keep things confidential
We ensure that we keep all shared details absolutely confidential.




Because we are experienced

We have provided cloud staffing services to several clients, and are well aware of what’s involved.

Because we make use of a number of methods
We recruit candidates through several techniques include advertising, social media promotion, referral marketing and recruiting partners. 

Because we put you foremost
We are already well aware of the pain companies may have to go through when it comes to recruiting, and we promise to take all that away from you. We build solid relationships with you, and then continue to strengthen making sure that you aren’t dissatisfied at any stage.

So let’s begin hiring cloud specialists for you. Contact us now!


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